A big part of this Surrogacy Journey that you are on involves your partner. In surrogacy, it is important to have the support of your significant other, if you have one, or the support of your family. Surrogacy is not an easy journey, and a lot of people may not agree with it, but it is important that your partner does and will be there for you the same way they would be for your own pregnancy. They are involved in this experience as much as you are, and to be able to do it together will make you closer and stronger as a couple.

When considering surrogacy, you should do your research and learn about the process and how surrogacy works. Being informed before talking to your partner will aid you in answering any questions and doubts that will arise. Becoming a Surrogate will change your life and your family´s life temporarily in many ways. For example, if your partner is a man, as a Surrogate you will have to abstain from sexual intercourse in order to avoid any surprise pregnancies. (Yes, there have been cases of very awkward births of twins, with one being the child of the Surrogate’s partner!)

When you begin the surrogacy process, you go through medical and psychological screenings but so does your partner. It is important for us to know that you are both mentally prepared to go through this experience. This is a serious matter, and it is important that you are aware that you are doing this for another family and you are getting compensation for it with the sole purpose of delivering a completely healthy baby to Intended Parents. But your health and the baby´s is at the top of our priorities.

As your partner knows, you are bound to a contract and must follow it. You are not alone; having your partner and family support you through this pregnancy is wonderful. You are in this relationship for the long haul, and it is your partner who will go through this pregnancy with you the most.

Your partner understands the responsibility that you carry (pun intended, LOL) physically and emotionally. So it is up to them to take in that responsibility along with you. You will be going through all the emotions you have experienced with your own pregnancy or pregnancies. At the end of the day, it is still a pregnancy whether it is your baby or not. You are carrying a life inside you, and that on its own is incredible, and you should give yourself credit for what you are doing to help out another family.

During this whole process, there is no need to put your partner to the side; on the contrary, involve them with everything you do. Have them meet the Intended Parents, make them feel important and appreciated for everything they have been helping you out with during this journey.  Keep the communication constant and open. Go out on dates, save some time for each other so that you can make the best of this experience.

Having the full support of your partner and/or family during the pregnancy will help you keep calm, feel taken care of, and especially feel the love and security which you will be able to pass along to the baby you are carrying. Because even though it is for another family, the baby can feel everything you are feeling. Why not make this experience of a lifetime an enjoyable one with your partner and your family?

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