We at Omega Family Surrogates are committed to deliver the best service to our Intended Parents. We ask you to follow some guidelines, in order to make your surrogate process easier. We are also sharing with you some tips to follow when getting your profile ready. Don’t miss them!

We are always looking for altruistic, loving, caring, and selfless women who would love to bless a family with a child of their own.  Qualifying as an Omega Surrogate (Congratulations!), you must first be a mother. Having a child of your own and raising him/her means you have the motherly instinct of protecting the baby and caring for it the same way you would carry a baby of your own―giving him/her the love and attention it deserves the same way its own mother would.

Another reason behind this qualification is because you need to know that your body tolerates a pregnancy and that you will not have any complications during pregnancy and birth. Having been pregnant before means you know in general how your body will respond to this pregnancy. Our Intended Parents are trusting us to deliver them a healthy baby with no complications. Given that they have gone through the struggle of trying on their own and have been unsuccessful, we should also reciprocate with that trust as well.

Having no complications during your pregnancy/pregnancies means not suffering from any high blood pressure, diabetes, preeclampsia, pregnancy loss, or miscarriage, to name a few. What can be considered as a complication as well would be having an early delivery. We want to deliver babies carried to full term to ensure their health.

Tips for Your Surrogate Profile

In order to get matched with Intended Parents, you must have a personal profile. Keep in mind that this is the profile that will be released to Intended Parents who might choose you to carry their baby for them. For this to go smoothly you should also follow these guidelines: remember this is like your Surrogate CV and you must look professional. You can always ask and talk to your case manager who will help you out with the types of pictures you can give for your profile to be released.

When you take a picture, try to have a clean background. You can show nice scenery behind you, with some flowers, or a nice professional environment, but not a messy one. Make sure not to send pictures of you in revealing or unprofessional clothing but rather  in conservative clothing. Avoid sunglasses, since they cover part of your face and we would like you to show your full features to our Intended Parents.

Having tattoos is a personal choice and there is no reason for you not to qualify as a Surrogate, as long as they are covered in your photos. Remember, we are seeking to get matched with Intended Parents. Selfies may be the biggest trend in pictures these days, but let’s just keep them for our social media profiles;  they are not the best option for your surrogate profiles. It is highly recommended that someone else take your picture and have you appear full body. You don’t necessarily have to be by yourself in pictures, but if you are going to present group pictures, have them be with your family to show your atmosphere at home.

We all want to look good in pictures and sometimes we use things to cover ourselves up when we don’t need to. We want to see your beautiful faces!  Do not dress your gorgeous face in sunglasses or with any type of filters. You are beautiful just the way you are, right here, right now. When sending your pictures our way, make sure they are the most recent ones you have.

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Our staff is always here to guide you with anything that you may need assistance with, and this is why we are here. Please don’t hesitate to comment or ask any questions. We are here to assist you, and we are happy to do it.