Surrogacy as a family creation option has been practiced through humanity for a very long time.  Due to many cultural and religious aspects, this family creation alternative is not spoken about much, and much less regulated, until now.  The State of California is one of the places where surrogacy is part of the population’s conversation when it comes to dealing with infertility.  California has a legal framework that has addressed many aspects that have not been taken into consideration before.  This is how and why Omega Family Surrogacy originated in San Diego.

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Omega Family Global is a professional surrogacy agency that does everything according to law.  In a little regulated field such as surrogacy, Omega Family Global has made it a point to communicate each step of the legal process so that Intended Parents, Surrogates, IVF clinics, as well as Omega Family employees are all on the same page when engaging in the surrogacy journey.

The first and foremost thing that must be understood is that Omega Family Surrogates,  only practice Gestational Surrogacy, which means that the baby is not related biologically to the Surrogate.  The baby in no way will ever have any genetic material from the Surrogate.  The baby is created by the genetic material of the Intended Parents.

Although surrogacy may not be part of the conversation at a national level,  there are many urban legends that surround surrogacy and many horror stories about surrogacy have been.  Some stories talk about how the Surrogate claimed the baby as her own and the Intended Parents were not covered, others talked about how the surrogate’s medical bills were never covered, or that the Intended Parents backed out and the Surrogate was left with a baby that was not hers. Omega Family Global does not allow these and other negative circumstances to happen.

The Surrogacy Journey begins when Intended Parents consider surrogacy an option, and they choose a surrogacy agency to work with.  Once they have made an initial agreement with the agency, the agency begins to look for a Surrogate to match with their preferences.  It is when a match is made, and both Intended Parents and the Surrogate are conferrable working with each other that the legal process begins.  Omega Family Global has a simple three-step legal process that protects everyone involved through the surrogacy journey.

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The Three Step Process

STEP ONE: Gestational Surrogacy Agreement or GSA This is the first part of the legal process that involves the Intended Parents, the Surrogate, and the Surrogacy Agency.  In this agreement every responsibility that the Intended Parents have, those the Surrogate has, as well as the role of Omega Family Global goes into this 30-page document.

Intended Parents: They agree to pay for all the Surrogate’s pregnancy and birth related costs.

Surrogate: She agrees to deliver the baby to the Intended Parents at birth, follow medical recommendations, as well as to lead a healthy lifestyle in benefit of the baby.

Surrogate Agency: Agrees to manage every detail of the pregnancy by providing the necessary professional help and information regarding appointments, screenings, and other needs the Surrogate and/or Intended Parents may have.

STEP TWO: Trust Fund A fund is set up to cover all the pregnancy related costs that the Surrogate will have to cover thorough the process.  No matter if the pregnancy comes to term or not, if it is successful or not, whether the Intended Parents want to stay with the child at the end or not, the Surrogate will be covered completely. This is a crucial piece in the protection regarding payment of the Surrogate.

STEP THREE: Pre – Birth Order This is a crucial part of protection for the Intended Parents.  The Pre-Birth Certificate can be adapted to a birth certificate for the unborn child.  The name of the Surrogate does not appear on this document; the Intended Parents are the only parents appearing in the document.

The three-step legal process is a simple one, only because the agency that is in charge of managing the process knows what it is doing.  The agency must care for everyone involved in the process to make the journey successful and delightful for all who partake in it.  Omega Family Global has had many years of experience in the field, and they know about everything that can go wrong. This is very important, because they take every precaution for the process to go smoothly and comfortably for everyone involved. You can rest assured that your journey will be filled with positive emotions and that you’re in the hands of people who care, and make sure that you are protected every step of the way.

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