Omega Family Surrogates has had the experience of delivering more than 3,500 surro-babies to Intended Parents. We are a company that takes care of everything from the moment you get qualified, to getting matched, to taking care of you after birth, and starting another journey if you decide to do so. We take care of our Surrogates and our Intended Parents. We take care of Bringing Family Moments to Life.

Whether you are just learning about surrogacy, on your way to start a journey, or going through the process already, we have many platforms you can count on. We want you to feel as comfortable as you can be. We want you to have the trust to call us and ask whatever inquiries that you have. We give you the support, help, and guidance through this amazing experience to keep you as informed as possible.

When you tell people about being a Surrogate, some may not know what it is and some may disagree with what you are doing, and it is normal to encounter people like this wherever you go. In order to help you to deal with your emotions, you can count on our YouTube channel to help you understand, learn, and deal when you encounter these situations regarding surrogacy.

We have dedicated different platforms to cater to your needs to the best of our abilities. You can count on our full support, starting with the pre-qualification when you get to meet the recruitment team who explain all the steps you must take to continue the process correctly, to preparing your profile to be presented to Intended Parents. The nice thing about this part is that you have the opportunity to choose the Intended Parents you feel the most comfortable with, people who share the same values and that you can get along with.

To continue with the process, you have access to our monthly online meetings devoted to subjects that we come across often where you might need help. You get to talk to our liaison team and support team through video conference calls and meet fellow Surrogates who may have the same questions and doubts as you about the process or journey.

We have our Facebook Omega Family Stories group where you can watch fellow Surrogates’ stories and journeys. On this group you get to see this whole new world of Surrogate support from our incredible Surrogates’ perspectives. Our Facebook page lets you know about all the new content available for you the moment they have been published.

We like to think of this company as a big support group and family, which is why our annual Surrogate Holiday Parties are just the cherry on top. You get to meet in person if you haven’t already, our staff and fellow Surrogates you follow on our social media platforms. You get to have a good time with other grown-ups, because, let’s face it, sometimes we just need to hang out with other grown-ups (LOL), with great food, fun activities, and so much more. You get to go home with a huge smile on your face.

The same way we take care of you, we also take care of our international Intended Parents. We know it is hard to carry out a long-distance relationship with Intended Parents, but everything you do to let them know how their baby growing inside you and all the little details they would be dying to know is wholeheartedly appreciated.

Beginning a journey for the first time is a tremendous change in your life, but everything you go through is unique and dedicated to giving you the best experience you could ever hope for. Thank you for being incredible!

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